I’ve Given Him My Life

yahooboy changes by Christ

As a child of a Pastor and Deaconess, I knew about God quite early. By my final year in University, I had a personal encounter with Christ; I was set for a decent life.

However, everything changed after that. There was peer pressure, as well as self-inflicted pressure to impress my parents by taking on financial responsibilities. To get the kind of money I felt I needed, I got involved in fraud – “yahoo yahoo” as it is called.

Initially, it was going well. I made an average of $1000 weekly, but I still felt an emptiness and need that I did not understand. In addition to that, I became addicted to pornography. I could feel the weight of my actions on my conscience. There was one client in particular – Cecily. She had sold her SUV to pay me and I couldn’t shake it off.

I found my way back to God on the last Saturday of November that year. I went for a Night of Worship, and Victoria Orenze was ministering. That night, God called me back to Himself. After that, I gave away everything I bought with the money from that lifestyle and threw some away. I went to look for Cecily on Facebook to make amends and found out she had filed for bankruptcy.

I went broke, but I was not hungry. God always provided for me. More importantly, I knew that God was with me. He still is. When I look back now, it’s hard to believe I was that person. 

Now I’m a missionary and I’m grateful for God’s love and mercy. I’ve given him life to do with it as He pleases.

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